Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Program #3: Wooden Dummy Training Program

The Wooden Dummy was the final test in the Shaolin Temple.

Learn to unlock the “Secrets” of the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy!!!

Warning! This Program is ONLY open to students of the Traditional Wing Chun Academy of Wisconsin whom have completed the Wing Chun Power Development and Advanced Wing Chun Programs. If you are Not Yet a Member Please Go Back to The Home Page.

Curriculum covers (What you will Learn):

  • Focusing on training the Wooden Dummy (i.e  Muk Yang Jong);           
  • You will learn all combat applications to Wooden Dummy;                                        
  • Single arm applications;
  • How to use your eyes when training on the Wooden Dummy;                          
  • Chi sao – one arm, cross, parallel, and 2 arm chi sao;                               
  • Combat application of chi sao;                                                           
  • Wooden Dummy training drills;                                                                
  • Advanced footwork – as applied to the Wooden Dummy;                
  • Wooden Dummy kicking drills;                                                         
  • Develop fighting combinations on the Wooden Dummy;                 
  • Entry technique on the Wooden Dummy;
  • Interruption sets and techniques;
  • Wooden Dummy two-man fighting sets;
  • How to break-down techniques and apply them on the Wooden Dummy;
  • Improve your balance, coordination, power, speed and flow on the Wooden Dummy;
  • Further Develop “iron-bridges” that comes with training the Wooden Dummy;       
  • Linking Wooden Dummy to fighting combinations.

Plus much, much more…

Included in the course:

  • 4 Private classes a month;
  • Unlimited attendance to Wing Chun, conditioning classes and meditation/qigong classes;
  • Iron Palm training for Wooden Dummy;
  • “Iron Bridge” development;
  • Iron Elbow Training;
  • Iron Shin Training;
  • All private lessons may be videotaped by the student for future reference.
  • Program can be customized to meet individual needs;
  • 18 month training program.

Legend has it that in the days of the Shaolin Temple, there was a tunnel filled with 108 wooden dummies, and the monks who completed their training were required to pass through this tunnel as one of their final exams. Each one of these dummies performed a certain technique, which the “graduate” monks had to neutralize on their way out of the temple.

When the Shaolin Temple was destroyed, Ng Mui, the Buddhist nun credited with founding Wing Chun Kung Fu, escaped. In deference to her training at the Shaolin Temple, she incorporated a training set using a single Wooden Dummy. This dummy set contains 108 combat techniques, each one supposedly to represent the 108 dummies that were in the Shaolin Temple.

Whether or not these legends are true, it is true that the Wooden Dummy set in Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu is an excellent way to develop the skills and co-ordination needed to become a proficient fighter.

The Wooden Dummy is used to develop timing, arm and leg co-ordination, proper use and application of force, distance, judgment, footwork and to teach practitioners how to flow smoothly from technique to technique. It is also used to toughen the limbs, although this is not the primary function of the dummy.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a system that does not rely on strength and brute force; rather it stresses development of skill and co-ordination to have the practitioner deflect and redirect an opponent’s attack, while simultaneously countering with his/her own attack. Deflection and redirection is achieved with correct positioning, requiring good footwork as well as co-ordination of the arms and legs, so that they work together to redirect an oncoming attack yet leave the practitioner in a position to counter at the same time.

All fighting techniques in Wing Chun come from the techniques in the Wooden Dummy. Dummy training allows the Wing Chun practitioner a way to correctly train the body in performing techniques. The amount of power one uses at certain times of a technique, as well as the timing of delivering such techniques can be drilled repeatedly on the dummy. Speed is improved because one can drill a series of movements over and over, creating the muscle memories needed to perform techniques automatically. Accuracy is refined because the practitioner learns how to correctly position his/her body in relation to the dummy (i.e. opponent) so that both arms can be used simultaneously. Footwork and mobility are enhanced, as the practitioner is forced to move from one side of the dummy to the other, moving in and out as well as laterally. Although working with a “static” partner, the Wing Chun practitioner learns how to combine footwork patterns smoothly with arm movements that deflect and attack, developing skills that are mandatory for successful free sparring.

Regardless of the style one practices, one always hears that to be a successful fighter there are certain qualities and attributes that one must acquire. Speed, power, timing and accuracy are always cited as requisites to reach your peak in martial arts. The Wooden Dummy of the Wing Chun system provides the practitioner a valuable tool to achieve those goals.

The Wooden Dummy was the final test in the Shaolin Temple. Come and learn to train with the most faithful training partner you will ever have!

The Wooden Dummy Training Program will take the power, mobility and footwork you developed in the Wing Chun Power Development and Advanced Wing Chun Programs and allow you to issue that force while using rock solid footwork and an iron bridge the comes from Wooden Dummy Training.  This program is offered to the student(s) who have successfully completed the Wing Chun Power Development and Advanced Wing Chun Programs.

The Wooden Dummy Training Program has been designed with the serious Wing Chun practitioner in mind.  The program consists of exercises, techniques, drills, routines, the third level of iron palm for training on the Wooden Dummy, iron elbow, iron shin and “iron bridge” development will make your Wing Chun Kung Fu extremely solid, mobile and powerful.  The increased power, focus, mobility and the ability to harness your internal energy (qi) more efficiently will make your Kung Fu extremely fast and powerful.

If you are serious about your training and once you have completed the Wing Chun Power Development and Advanced Wing Chun Programs then I have a special offer for you…
I am extending this Special Offer to you.

I’ ll let you and your friend / classmate split the cost of the program!!!

Train together while learning the “Secrets” to the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy. Don’t wait…Come in and Sign up Today!!! The program is 18 month intensive and the pace of the course will reflect the student’s understanding of the material presented.  The program can be broken down into monthly payments.

This is a 18 month contract. The program can be broken down into monthly payments.  Please call Sifu Foti for Course fee toll free 1-855-8KUNGFU (1-855-858-6438).


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