Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Program #1

Wing Chun Power Development Program

Learn to unlock the true power within your Wing Chun. Develop rock-solid fundamentals and start learning the “what’s, why’s, what if’s & how come’s” of Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Curriculum covers (What you will Learn):

  • Developing structure and foundation to Wing Chun.
  • Develop and harness your Chi Power using the Shil Lim Tao Form.
  • Shil Lim Tao form and all its combat applications.
  • Power development exercises, routines and methods for your punches,  kicks and techniques.
  • Chi sao – one arm, cross, parallel, and 2 arm chi sao.
  • Combat applications of chi sao.
  • Eye training – how to train and develop your eyes for combat.
  • Qigong and meditation for martial arts training. How to stay calm during a high stress scenario.
  • Footwork development.
  • Wing Chun kicking - develop fast and powerful kicks.
  • The different stages to Wing Chun punching.
  • Entry techniques. Learn how to engage different systems safely and effectively.
  • Technique development so your techniques become second nature.
  • Linking all of the above aspects together.

Plus much, much more…

Included in the course:

  • 4 Private classes a month;
  • Unlimited attendance to Wing Chun classes, conditioning and meditation/qigong classes;
  • Iron Palm Training;
  • Iron Shin Training;
  • All private lessons may be videotaped by the student for future reference;
  • Program can be customized to meet individual needs;
  • 1-year training program.

The Wing Chun Power Development Program has been designed with the serious Wing Chun practitioner in mind.  The program consists of exercises, techniques, drills, routines and iron palm / iron shin training that will make your Wing Chun Kung Fu come alive.  The increased power, focus and ability to harness your internal energy (qi) more efficiently will make you stand out among the rest.

If you are serious about your training and once you have reached a white sash in Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu, then I have a special offer for you…

I’ ll let you and your friend / classmate split the cost of the program!!!

Train together and learn the “Secrets” to the Shil Lim Tao Form and become the very best you can be!!!

Don’t wait… Come in and Sign up Today!!!

The program is 1-year intensive and the pace of the course will reflect the student’s understanding of the material presented.  The program can be broken down into monthly payments.

This is a 1-year contract. Please call Sifu Foti for Course fee toll free 1-855-8KUNGFU (1-855-858-6438).


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