Kettlebell Program

Now Introducing Our New Kettlebell Program Which Is Designed To Give You Dramatic Results In Your Endurance, Power And Cardiovasular Fitness Levels!!!

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Dear Student,

We all know that by learning martial arts you start to really understand how important taking care of your mind and body are.  Especially, if you may ever need to use it in defending yourself or loved ones in a life-threatening situation.  Developing certain attributes like cardiovascular endurance, strength and power are essential to giving you an advantage over your adversary.  For this reason, I want to offer you for FREE our new kettlebell program when trying out the Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu classes.

At the Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy of Wisconsin we are always looking for ways to make you better.  Our mission is to provide you the highest quality instruction in Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu while giving you the best classes that constantly grow you as a martial artist.

I have done many hours of research and found that kettlebell training is one of the best ways to give you functional strength, power and a great way to increase your cardiovascular fitness level.  Now this program is being offered to YOU.  Don’t wait to try this superb method of training as space is limited. You will soon find out why top trainers, sports starts and athletes recommend and/or train using kettlebells.  The reason is they work!

You will receive many benefits from training in our kettlebell classes.  The kettlebell exercises that I will share with you are worth their weight in gold and are the same ones that top athletes around the world use to supplement their training programs.  If you are looking for a fun and challenging way to increase your endurance, strength and fitness level then this class is for YOU!  Try it and you’ ll see a difference in the way you look and feel, I guarantee it!!!

Just Imagine…

What People Have to Say:

"Along with being an excellent cardio workout, the plyometric class is a greast way to train the legs and midsection using only your own body."

Joe Z.

"The kettlebell exercises are hardcore; they target the triceps, biceps, core muscles and more.  The exercises are very easy to learn yet very effective."

Dan W.

Having the body, energy, stamina and strength you always wanted.  Working towards your fitness goal that you know is obtainable and within reach.  Having the confidence, passion and determination to reach that goal and many others along the way.

Your fitness goals are possible and YOU can do it.  And the Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy of Wisconsin has just the program for you to do it with!

Introducing the NEW Kettlebell Program that is designed to get you in the shape of your life.  With this workout you won’t need to go to a boring gym and waste hours of your day doing exercises that are not fun.  What can the Kettlebell Program do you you?  Just look below:

Greater fat loss

First strength building exercises increase muscle with in-turn burn fat more efficiently.  Secondly, kettlebell training increases the metabolic rate of the body.  Finally, the kettlebell class will help you reach your target heart rate.  By monitoring that your target heart rate is consistently in your target range you will get the most out of the kettlebell class.

Build a lean, muscular physique

Kettlebell training will help you build that lean, muscular physique you always wanted.  The exercises will chisel your body and help you get that V-shaped back, washboard abdominals, strong arms and powerful legs.

Develop core strength

Kettlebells are great for building your abdominal and lower back strength.  Almost every exercise requires you to work these muscles known as the “core”.  You will stand taller, look better and feel more balanced in everday life.

Combines "cardio" and "strength" training

When you do the kettlebell exercises you will get a great workout while building muscles and gaining strength.

Strengthens every muscle from head-to-toe

Kettlebell training the whole body by improving muscle tone, body composition and strength.  You will strengthen your tendons and ligaments which will help you to be less prone to injury.

Women won’t bulk up!

Women get that lean, firm shape that you always wanted. Kettlebell training with the lower weight and higher repetitions will tone your body and make you look and feel great!

It’s fun!

KB exercises and movements are fun and can be combined with other exercises programs.  Kettlebells are simple, unique and due to their versatility you will notice a powerful program that will include a variety of exercises that include step-aerobics, cardiovascular exercises and strength building exercises that are challenging and fun to do.  Save on your gym membership and get the workout you want in half the time.

The solution for busy people

Due to the intense nature kettlebell training the classes are only a half hour long. In this half hour of kettlebell training you will get your cardio, strength and flexibility training in giving the busy person the biggest bang for the buck.

Easy to learn

It doesn’t matter your fitness level, you can start the kettlebell program right away.  The movements are simple and easy to learn and you will be happy with the results.

Develop functional strength

Due to the dynamic nature of the kettlebell exercises you will develop strength that you can use in your everyday life.  Whether you have a physical job or always on the go you will notice that your everyday activities are easier.  Since your body works as a unit, kettlebell exercise help you build the functional everyday strength you are looking for.

Builds Mobility

Kettlebell exercise will help you build mobility by giving your body the opportunity to build muscle while moving in a dynamic fashion. This will help increase your body’s mobility.

Unify your body

Kettlebell exercise work the entire body.  Every exercise works a collection of muscle groups so you learn to develop total body strength. 

More coordination

Kettlebell training engages your brain which will help you to increase your coordination.  The exercises use the arms, legs and stepping together to bring about a total body coordination. 

Increase mental focus

Through kettlebell training you will increase your concentration and focus.  When performing the dynamic exercises you will need to focus on the movement which will also work your balance and coordination.  Your focus will improve which will allow you to concentrate at the task at hand instead of just aimlessly throwing up weights.

Simplify your exercise

The beauty of kettlebell exercises is their simplicity.  The four main exercises (the swing, clean, press and snatch) and their many variations you can keep turn your body into a lean, mean fighting machine!

Strengthens joints

Kettlebell exercise work the entire body due to the cardiovascular nature of the exercise.  You get your heart pumping and muscles burning which helps blood and oxygen to your muscles, tendons and ligaments thus helping to increasing your joint strength.

Develop incredible power

Peforming kettlebell exercises like the clean and press, single arm swings and the snatch will help you develop incredible power!

Builds strength/endurance

The kettlebell exercises will build your strength though the use of dynamic resistance and will also offer you the opportunity to develop unbelievable endurance.  In many sports such as football, wrestling and martial arts you need strength to deliver that knockout blow but also the endurance to stay in the game.

Develops strength at the extremes of your range of motion

The dynamic nature of the kettlebell exercises will improve your flexibility and mobility.  The total body workout is a great way for men and women to develop a greater range of motion.

Correct imbalances

Kettlebell exercises work both sides of the body, the upper and lower half and everywhere in between.  If you have a weak spot or an imbalance in your body the kettlebell exercises will find it.  Then you can work that area and become even stronger!

Better posture— the real thing

Kettlebell training will the “core” muscles (i.e. lower back, abdominals, obliques) and this will keep the body more erect thus improving your posture, balance and overall appearance.

Extremely versatile

Kettlebell training can train a variety of muscle groups, they can be used in conjunction with other exercise programs which will be included in the training to help you lose weight, build muscle, and increase your overall fitness level.

Serious Cardio

Kettlebell training will make your cardio skyrocket and strengthen your muscles and joints.  People will notice your increased energy level and the way you look.

Simplify your life

When you walk into the class the exercises are explained to you and away you go!  No thinking involved we plan so you don’t have to!

What You Can Expect To Learn, Master And Achieve Through This Kettlebell Program…

  • You will learn how to correctly grip the kettlebell.
  • Learn the four breathing methods to a powerful kettlebell workout.
  • I will teach you exercises to build total body strength.
  • Supplementary exercises that you can do when working with kettlebells to increase your cardiovascular endurance.
  • Where to look and how to focus your mind when using kettlebells.
  • Learn the "do’s" and the "don’ts" of proper kettlebell training and technique.

Special Note: The good news is every session is for your benefit.  And there is absolutely no extra charge —. And most importantly YOU will learn about yourself!

Mining Gushers Of Endurance, Strength and Power

There is an old adage, "whatever you sow you will eventually reap".  You will find that this old adage applies when training kettlebells.  Through training you will be mining gushers of endurance, strength and power.  Men will want to use kettlebells that are between 20lb to 30lb if your goal is to develop more strength and endurance.  Although this doesn’t seem like a lot of weight, the dynamic nature of the exercises will help the body to function as a unit instead of individual parts.  By functioning as a unit you develop more functional strength (strength that you will use every day).  Your body will develop as a whole and you will feel and look great.

Women will want to use the lighter kettlebells (i.e. 5lb, 10lb, 15lb) the kettlebell exercises are great for building a tone, firm body. 

What-specifically, does the kettlebell program cover?

The kettlebell program covers exercises to build endurance, strength and power.  You will be using the kettlebells to do a variety of routines that will work muscles and tendons that you didn’t know existed in your body.  You will perform exercises such as:

  • Single arm swings
  • Double arm swings
  • Clean and press
  • Plus a whole lot more...

Plus many more exercises that will make you look and feel great!!!

Pre-Session - Overview Instructions on How to Best Benefit From Training Experience

I want you to get the most out of this kettlebell program so please make sure you follow some straightforward advice on how to achieve the optimum performance when training.

  • Make sure you are injury free and well rested when coming to class;
  • You should come to class early do a light warm up and stretch before class;
  • You will want to make sure you don’t eat a full meal before training with kettlebells;
  • I don’t want you to rush though the exercises.  Take your time and use weight that is easy to moderately challenging for you.  Never use weight that is to heavy then you can handle to impress others or do the exercises quicker than necessary;
  • Never touch or lift a kettlebell without first consulting Sifu Angelo Foti on how to properly grip, lift, breathe and perform the kettlebell techniques, exercises and routines.  Failure to do so may cause you injury;
  • Always listen to and follow instructions;
  • Please consult your physician before starting this or any exercise program  (see website disclaimer here);
  • Don’t come to class if are angry, tired, upset or otherwise not in a frame of mind to safely and successfully listen to and following instructions, perform the exercises and routines.

How can I best use this fitness program?

As with any training program you first need to set a goal.  This is something that 97% of the people fail to do and if this is not done, then you can’t expect to get optimal results.

I want you to succeed so please talk to me on how to set your goals.  I can provide you a worksheet to help you get clear on how to set goals, what your goals should be and how to obtain your goals.

You should come to class consistently and work towards the goal you have set.  It is important not to lose sight of why you are doing the class.  Review your goals often, ideally before each class so it becomes crystal clear in your mind.

Work hard but also smart to achieve your goals.  Don’t take unnecessary risks (i.e. if you have an injury or feel very tired or sick don’t train that day) since these risks may actually move you away from your goals. 

Listen to your Sifu, he is here to help you and is looking out for your best interests.  Make sure you keep him aware of how you are feeling and if you have any concerns, injuries or aliments.

Finally, have fun and let people know how and what the program is doing for you.  Enthusiasm, persistence and determination pay off. If you are benefiting from the program, tell others that you think would also enjoy this program. 

Special Note: Every session is filled with fat burning exercises that are fun and challenging. The good news is you will see and feel a difference—fast.  And there is absolutely no extra charge for this class if you are enrolled in our school—but hurry as space is limited.  I want your success and will be there with you every step of the way.

Sifu Angelo Foti

The most frequently asked questions:

  • What are kettlebells?

Kettlebells are weights with handles attached to them.  They are made of metal and allow you to perform dynamic exercises that help strengthen and tone the entire body. 
Kettlebells come in a variety of weights from 5lbs to 50lbs and higher.  However, it is the proper execution of the exercise (i.e. technique) and not the weight that allows you to get into fantastic shape while remaining injury free.  We also have 1lb and 2lb weights that you can use as well.

  • Do kettlebells provide an entire body workout?

The kettlebell training class will definitely work your entire body from your calves and legs to your abdomen and core, chest, arms and back.  You will notice a difference in the way you feel and look in the mirror.

  • How often should I train using kettlebells?

Classes are offered once to twice a week.  These classes are designed to help supplement your training in Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu besides making you look and feel at your best!

  • Can I get injured using kettlebells?

As with any exercise program injury is always a possibility but here at the Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy of Wisconsin we do everything possible to ensure that you will be injury free while training with the kettlebells.  From teaching you proper form during the exercises to proper breathing techniques to using the proper weights for each exercise.

  • Are kettlebell exercises good for women?

Kettlebell exercises are great for women.  By taking the class you and your friends will start to notice that you are looking and feeling better.  Just some of the benefits you will receive by taking this class are:

    • Reduce body fat Firm entire upper body
    • Firm entire lower body
    • Improve core stability
    • Improve balance and coordination
    • Increase energy levels
    • Increase bone density
    • Improve circulation
    • Improve sleep
    • Increase self-esteem
  • Can my children take the kettlebell class?

Students 12 years old or younger are not allowed to participate in the kettlebell class. 

  • How old do I have to be to join the kettlebell class?

Students need to be at least 16 years old and have the consent of their parent or legal guardian. 

  • Will kettlebells make me lose weight?

The kettlebell exercises will help strengthen your body while providing you will great cardiovascular workout.  By toning your muscles and working your cardiovascular system will help you to lose weight.  Remember to also eat a healthy diet!!!

  • Any prerequisites?

You must be free of injuries (i.e. back, shoulder, leg, hip, knee, heart, lung, spinal, etc…)
You must demonstrate that you are responsible for yourself and others.

  • What about if I have injuries?

People who have injuries are not allowed to participate in the class due to the weights being used, shifting of balance and general demand on the physical body. 
If you are a regular participant of the class and have sustained any bodily injury outside of the school, please let it heal before continuing the class.

  • The kettlebell exercises are too easy, can I get a more difficult workout so I can continue to grow?

The kettlebell training will be challenging but if your fitness level is exceptional the class can definitely be structured to help you achieve your training goals.  Not a problem!!!

  • Will the kettlebell workout be fun, will it be challenging?

The kettlebells classes are both challenging and fun at the same time.  We want to have both elements within the class so you continue participating and receiving the benefits that the class has to offer.

  • Will the kettlebell workout be fun, will it be challenging?

The kettlebells classes are both challenging and fun at the same time.  We want to have both elements within the class so you continue participating and receiving the benefits that the class has to offer.

But Can I Really Do This?

Yes you can!  The classes are structured with YOU in mind.  No matter what your physical fitness level is we have a workout for you.  We can also show you modified exercises that will let you get a good workout in with safer movement.

During the kettlebell class you:

  • exercise at your own pace.
  • use weights that allow you to safely execute the movements. We have 1lb, 2lb, 5lbs weights and up.
  • will learn the exercises and they will be explained so you can understand how to properly execute them using correct technique.

During the class you will know how long to perform the exercise and know how long the rest period is. 

Don’t Wait Another Second…

I know that the kettlebell class will help you strengthen your body and get you in tip-top shape.  I am so confident that you will look and feel great by taking this class that I am offering the following guarantee…


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