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How to Unlock Your Child’s True Potential: Ancient Martial Arts Style Give Your Child Skills for Success That Last A Lifetime…

Dear West Allis Parent,

My name is Angelo Foti and here at my martial arts school in West Allis I’ve been teaching Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu for four years. The martial arts program I teach is based on helping your child improve from within.

Through our program your child develops character by learning how to set and achieve worthwhile and challenging goals. Best of all, it’s fun!

Some of the benefits your child gets by training in martial arts at the Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy of Wisconsin are…

  • Discipline: It’s the “secret” that successful people share.  It will allow your child to develop positive life-long habits the will help them sore above the rest.  Our kids martial arts program will make discipline a “cornerstone” of their lives.  Your child will begin to do things the first time he’s told. Your child will learn responsibility and she’ ll be able to prioritize.
  • Confidence is a quality that we help develop so your child can use it every day of her life. When a child has the courage and that “can do” attitude, success naturally follows in every area of his life. My martial arts program teaches children how to gain control of their minds, bodies and emotions.
  • Self-Esteem is reflected in your child’s behavior. It comes out in the form of assertiveness, shyness, confidence or caution.  Through regular goal achievement your child will develop real self-esteem that he can count when he needs it.
  • Respect for others will improve since your child will be learning traditional martial arts values that encourage him to look people in the eyes, be sensitive to the needs of others. Through martial arts your child will develop social skills that will come in handy when she meets new friends or wants to take on new opportunities.
  • Reflexes and Coordination will improve and your child will feel better about their physical skills. This leads to even more self-confidence to embrace a physically active lifestyle. Our martial arts program is much better than video games for improving reflexes and coordination!
  • Eye Focusing and Concentration will improve by learning how to use their mind to lead their intention when training.  The mind training will help them in every other area of their life!
  • Improved Fitness will help your child burn off excess energy in a positive way.

There really is more!!

What I encourage you to do is register below. When you register I’ ll let you try my martial arts classes for FREE. You’ ll also get a FREE Lesson.

Don’t wait… register below, today!


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