Bil Jee: Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Program #4

Wing Chun Bil Jee (Thrusting Fingers) is the most advanced form in Wing Chun (a.k.a. the recovery form of Wing Chun). Come and unlock the “Secrets” to this deadly Bil Jee Form.

Warning! This Program is ONLY open to students of the Traditional Wing Chun Academy of Wisconsin whom have completed the Wing Chun Power Development, Advanced Wing Chun and Wooden Dummy Programs. If you are not yet a member please go back to the home page.

Curriculum will cover (What you will Learn):

  • Bil Jee Form and all combat its combat applications.
  • Focusing on developing Bil Jee strike.
  • Breathing techniques of the Bil Jee form.
  • All combat applications to Bil Jee form.
  • Chi sao – Bil Jee Application.
  • Combat applications of chi sao.
  • Eye training – how to train and develop your eyes for Bil Jee strike.
  • Qigong for Bil Jee Form.
  • Iron Finger, Elbow & Shin training.
  • Develop fighting combinations using kicking and Bil Jee.
  • Entry techniques using the Bil Jee Form.
  • Stabilizing techniques to apply Bil Jee.
  • Pressure Points – Names, anatomical location, angle of strike, mental &  physiological damage & antidote.

Plus much, much more…

Included in the course:

  • 4 Private classes a month.
  • Unlimited attendance to Wing Chun classes, conditioning and meditation/qigong classes.
  • Iron Palm Training – For Bil Jee (i.e. iron finger, iron elbow, iron shin, “iron bridges”).
  • All private lessons may be videotaped by the student for future reference.
  • Program can be customized to meet individual needs.
  • 2-year training program.

This form trains finger striking with short bursts of arm movement, concentration of energy and breathing.  When using the fingers for striking, the hand is prepared by tucking the thumb in and packing the fingers together so that they protect each other.  The Bil Jee Form develops destructive power in which the student learns how to harness and employ with ease. 

The Bil Jee Program covers:

  • How to train your finger strikes with short burst of arm movements;
  • Concentration on energy and breathing;
  • Teaches/emphasizes elbow strikes, finger strikes and infighting;
  • Covers a wide variety of ranges in fighting, kicks, elbow, punches, fingertip strikes;
  • Use of two arm techniques, quan sao, kan sao, larp sao;
  • Teaches emergency techniques and how to use them;
  • How to move in and out of the central line.

Plus much, much more…

The Bil Jee form (a.k.a. “Thrusting Fingers”) trains the practitioner to combine hand-work with the use of kicks and double kicks.  Furthermore the form deals with emergency situations, how to regain the centerline and how to deal with attacks that the other forms haven’t covered.

The Bil Jee allows the practitioner to hit targets that can’t be hit by a palm strike or punch.  This is because the Bil Jee can easily fit into tight spots that other strikes can’t. Plus the Bil Jee allows the practitioner to hit targets and particular angles that are not only necessary for maximum damage but the practitioner may be able to do so without using any extra footwork to move around the opponent.

A lot of the movements go back to the Shil Lim Tao form so the practitioner must have a very good understanding of not only that form but also the others that followed (i.e. Advanced Shil Lim Tao, Chum Kil, and Wooden Dummy form).

The Bil Jee Program will take the power, focus, footwork and technique that you developed previous programs and allow you to concentrate that force at a single point giving you tremendous destructive power!!! I know that once you finish the previous programs (Wing Chun Power Development, Advanced Wing Chun and Wooden Dummy Programs) you will you will be Ready for the Bil Jee Program!!!

The Bil Jee Program has been designed with the ultra-serious Wing Chun practitioner in mind.  The program consists of exercises, techniques, drills, routines and iron palm for Bil Jee (i.e. iron finger, elbow, shin and developing “iron bridges”) that will make your Wing Chun Kung Fu very explosive and powerful.  The increased power, focus and ability to harness your internal energy (qi) more efficiently will make your Kung Fu top-notch.

If you are extremely serious about your training and once you have completed the Wing Chun Power Development, Advanced Wing Chun and Wooden Dummy Programs, then I have a special offer for you…

I am extending this Special Offer to you. I’ ll let you and your friend / classmate split the cost of the program!!! Train together while learning the “Secrets” of the Bil Jee Form which will allow your to develop and harness devastatingly explosive power!!!

Don’t wait…Come in and Sign up Today!!! The program is 2-year intensive and the pace of the course will reflect the student’s understanding of the material presented.  The program can be broken down into monthly payments.

The program can be customized to meet the student’s individual needs and the pace of the course will reflect the student’s understanding of the material presented. The program can be broken down into monthly payments.

Please call Sifu Foti for Course fee toll free 1-855-8KUNGFU (1-855-858-6438).

PS- Here’s the form, just fill it out. Your information is safe with us.


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