Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Program #2

Advanced Wing Chun Training Program

The Advanced Wing Chun Program will take the power and focus you developed in the Wing Chun Power Development Program and allow you to use it with ease by learning unbeatable footwork, reflexes, positioning and strategy found in the Chum Kil Form that will take your Kung Fu training to the next level.  Come and Unlock the “Secrets” to the Chum Kil Form!!!

Warning! This Program is ONLY open to students of the Traditional Wing Chun Academy of Wisconsin whom have completed the Wing Chun Power Development Program.

If you are not yet a member of Traditional Wing Chun, please go back to the home page.

Curriculum will cover (What you will Learn):

  • Chum Kil form and its combat applications.
  • Advanced footwork and chi sao (sensitivity) development.
  • Chi sao – one arm, cross, parallel, and 2 arm chi sao.
  • Combat applications of chi sao and how you will apply them.
  • You’ ll learn how to apply your Wing Chun and make it your own.
  • You will learn how to train your eyes  – advanced eye drills.
  • Drastically improve your balance, focus, distancing and timing when apply your Wing Chun.
  • You will learn qigong and meditation for martial arts training.  How to stay calm during a high stress scenario.
  • Advanced footwork and the “Secret” to applying it with ease.
  • How to take your opponent’s balance and keep it broken.
  • The powerful B.O.E.C. fighting strategy and principles.
  • Fast and powerful Wing Chun kicking and its development.
  • Combination kicks, their development and how to apply them.
  • Fighting combinations and how you will use them.
  • Combination entry techniques.
  • Mo jing geuk (shadowless kicking).
  • Develop “iron-bridges”.
  • Gripping exercises to further develop your controlling techniques.
  • Training in the second level of iron palm (a.k.a. gripping, ripping and tearing).
  • Linking all of the above aspects together.

Plus much, much more...

Included in the course:

  • 4 Private classes a month.
  • Unlimited attendance to Wing Chun classes, conditioning and meditation/qigong classes.
  • Iron Palm Training:
    • Level 2 Iron Palm for gripping, ripping & tearing.
  • Iron Shin Training.
  • Program can be customized to meet individual needs.
  • All private lessons may be videotaped by the student for future reference.
  • 1-year training program.

The Advanced Wing Chun program trains the Chum Kil (“Searching for the Bridge”) form. This form practices the different front, side and backward steps that avoid direct confrontation with an opponent’s force. 

The Chum Kil Form carries on the essentials of the Shil Lim Tao form (trained in the Wing Chun Power Development Program) but also will:

  • Trains your balance.
  • Teach you how to re-direct your opponent’s force.
  • How to create a “bridge” (i.e. physical contact with the opponent).
  • Effective use of your visual (and in practice) contact reflexes.
  • Trains your mobility and footwork.
  • Allows you to effectively and efficiently coordinate your arms and legs.
  • Trains you in mo jing guek (shadowless kicking).                

Plus much, much more...

The principles, strategies and tactics trained in the Chum Kil form allow you to reap benefits and apply the power and focus that you developed in the Wing Chun Power Program.

The Advanced Wing Chun Program will answer the “what’s, why’s, when’s and how’s” of applying your Wing Chun techniques and training methods.   Accelerate your learning with this POWERFUL PROGRAM that will help SOLIDFY YOUR KUNG FU AND MAKE IT COME ALIVE!!!

The Advanced Wing Chun Program has been designed with the serious Wing Chun practitioner in mind.  The program consists of exercises, techniques, drills, routines, the second level of iron palm (a.k.a. gripping, ripping and tearing) and iron shin training that will make your Wing Chun Kung Fu extremely solid, mobile and powerful.  The increased power, focus, mobility and the ability to harness your internal energy (qi) more efficiently will make you heads and shoulders in skill and knowledge above the rest.

If you are serious about your training and once you have completed the Wing Chun Power Development Program then I have a special offer for you…

I am extending this Special Offer to you. I’ ll let you and your friend / classmate split the cost of the program!!! Train together while learning the “Secrets to the Chum Kil Form and push each other to reach an even higher level of skill.

Don’t wait…Come in and Sign up Today!!! The program is 1-year intensive and the pace of the course will reflect the student’s understanding of the material presented.  The program can be broken down into monthly payments.

This is a 1-year contract. Please call Sifu Foti for Course fee toll free 1-855-8KUNGFU (1-855-858-6438).


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